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Safety for University Students Project

As a University student himself, Danny loved a good night out. Sadly, it was on a night out that his life was taken. Danny was a sociable and well-loved individual who had never been involved in knife crime. Never even been in a fight. He trusted everyone, and believed everyone was out for a good time like him. We never thought this could happen to him just like you will be thinking this will never happen to you.

How we want to help:

It is a common misconception that those who don't get involved with knife crime will never be impacted by it, but Danny's story, amongst many others, proves this to be untrue. Thousands of students start University every year and move to a large city to live on their own for the first time. We feel there is little personal support offered to students to help them adjust to this huge change, especially for those who have never lived in a major city and have no street awareness. Our goal is to work alongside Universities to increase the level of safety and support for students by offering education and the telling of Danny's story as well as physical safety resources to be provided to students. We want all students to be able to positively embrace this new chapter of their lives. 

Launching September 2024 during freshers week.
More details coming soon. 

We are a newly registered charity dedicated to tackling knife crime.

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