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Danny Castledine was just 22 years old when he was murdered whilst on holiday. He arrived in Amsterdam on the 31st of May, as did a 22 year old Belgian man who was under investigation by the police. That evening, Danny became split up from his friend, and began to ask for directions back to his hotel. This 22 year old Belgian man led him down a quiet alley, where he proceeded to stab him 44 times in the neck and face. He has never revealed his motive for the crime. An investigation revealed 17 other previous offences for dealing drugs, assault, carrying knives and machetes and using them in a threatening manner towards others. He received 14 years, a sentence he is currently appealing under the pretence of it being too harsh. 

Danny still lived at home and had a close relationship with his Mum and Dad. Some of their best memories include many family holidays and Christmases. 

Danny has a younger sister, Chloe. Being only 2 years apart, they shared a very close relationship, based entirely on making each other laugh, being silly, and driving their Mum and Dad mad. 

Danny was a hugely popular and sociable individual. He was very friendly and chatted to everyone. He had hundreds of friends from both University and his home town of Mansfield.

Danny had a huge passion for travel, and loved going on holidays with his friends and family. He visited 23 countries in his life. 

Danny attended Leeds Beckett University. He would have gone into his final year in September 2022, studying Events Management. He dreamed of organising festivals and club nights, much like the events he enjoyed attending himself. 

We are a newly registered charity dedicated to tackling knife crime.

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