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NOW AVAILABLE! Our programme is now up and ready to be purchased by schools, all for just £25. 

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Knife crime is becoming a concerningly common occurrence, often involving school aged children. There is a reported increase in weapons being taken into  schools. Many schools don't know how to approach this topic, which is why we have curated a programme of work with interactive and informative lessons, fully planned for you with a step by step guide on how to use them, with all resources included.  

Why should you use our programme? 

Police data revealed the most common month for knife crime was March, and the most common time was 4pm.

This piece of data highlights the close link between knife crime and schools, since March is the only month of the academic year with no holidays, and 4pm is the average time children are commuting home from school. 

Almost 70% of knife crime cases recorded last year were committed by first time offenders. 

This proves how many new young people are getting involved with knife crime. 

Children as young as 5 have been recorded carrying knives into school.

It is a common concern that children in schools are too young to learn about this topic, yet the average age of children carrying, and using, knives is becoming lower everyday. 

82% of teenage homicide victims were murdered with a knife.  

Another shocking statistic reveals how knife crime makes up for the majority of teenage homicides.

During the trial of our programme, a class of students were asked if they would carry a knife for self-defence. 100% raised their hands. 

A very common misconception held by a concerningly high number of students. 

Statistics show you are 3x more likely to be stabbed if you are carrying a knife. 70% of knife injuries admitted to A&E are caused by the victim's own knife. 

Shocking statistics that emphasise the dangers of carrying knives, even under the premise of self defence. It is essential students are educated away from the idea that carrying knives keeps you safe. 

2,800 children were arrested for carrying knives in 2022. 125 were under 11. 

Another shocking statistic that reveals the severity of the issue of knife crime amongst young people, and why our programme is vitally important. 


    During anti-knife crime awareness week 2023, we trialled our programme in       Newlands Junior School. 

Timelines lesson.

I am not a statistic lesson.

Taking the pledge to keep themselves away from harm and dangerous behaviours.

A creative piece of writing from the impact lesson.


I was blown away by the work my students produced as a result of this project. The creative writing I read from students who normally find English very challenging was fantastic. It  just shows how immersed they were in the programme.

At the year six leavers assembly, the students were asked what was the most valuable topic they learnt at their time at Newlands. They chose this programme of work. I think that says it all. 

It was incredibly concerning to see how many of my students thought it was okay to carry a knife for self defence, or that you are allowed out of prison at Christmas! I'm very glad my students were able to partake in this programme  and be informed of the reality of knife crime and its consequences.


We are a newly registered charity dedicated to tackling knife crime.

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